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Fatima in Imaging Facility


Located within one of the Institute's research buildings, the facility is equipped with state-of-the-art commercial imaging technologies


The Imaging Facility offers a range of fluorescence-based imaging technologies.

Techniques available within the Facility include:
  • Wide-field
  • Confocal Imaging
  • Super Resolution
  • High content Multi-photon
  • Laser capture micro-dissection and FCS
Imaging screen
The facility provides supported access to this equipment, ensuring all users have appropriate training to use the technologies and techniques on offer. The technologies available are mostly fluorescence-based. Fluorescence imaging is a highly versatile technology that can be applied to both live and fixed biological specimens. It is most commonly used to provide information about where things (usually proteins) are located and what they are interacting with.

This can be done in a variety of ways ranging from the relatively simple (wide-field epi-fluorescence) through to the highly sophisticated (multi-photon) with the most approprate technique being dictated by the biological question. The broad range of equipment available within the facility means it is possible to apply imaging techniques to a diverse set of questions.


Training for use of the Facility is done on a one to one basis.  Please contact the Facility to disucss your imaging requirements and arrange appropriate trainng.

To contact the Imaging Facility please email

Facility Flyer

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