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Nuclear Dynamics

Nuclear Dynamics

The study of control of genome function in relation to health, immunity and ageing

Our genomes influence, contribute to, or control nearly all aspects of our daily lives, from our health, well-being and longevity, to our susceptibility to disease, our aptitude for learning, and our adaptation and responses to diet, drugs and the environment. We carry out basic research to create an integrated understanding of control of genome function in relation to health, immunity and ageing.



Genome re-wiring during neural cell development

Understanding the connections between genes and their control switches during stem cell specialisation

Genome rewiring during neural cell development


A Tale of Two States

Molecular roadmap of human stem cell states

Researchers have identified molecular ‘flags’ that are present…


Schools’ Day Success for students and teachers

Schools’ Day still going strong after 23 years

Students immersed in real life research



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