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Marc Veldhoen

Marc Veldhoen is now a Group Leader at the Instituto de Medicina Molecular, Lisbon, Portugal.

His new group website is:

01223 496349

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Latest Publications

Diet-Derived Short Chain Fatty Acids Stimulate Intestinal Epithelial Cells To Induce Mucosal Tolerogenic Dendritic Cells.

Goverse G, Molenaar R, Macia L

Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950)
1550-6606: (2017)

PMID: 28100682

Tbet or Continued RORγt Expression Is Not Required for Th17-Associated Immunopathology.

Brucklacher-Waldert V, Ferreira C, Innocentin S

Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950)
1550-6606: (2016)

PMID: 27183623

Effector γδ T Cell Differentiation Relies on Master but Not Auxiliary Th Cell Transcription Factors.

Barros-Martins J, Schmolka N, Fontinha D

Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950)
1550-6606: (2016)

PMID: 26994218

Inflammation-induced formation of fat-associated lymphoid clusters.

Bénézech C, Luu NT, Walker JA

Nature immunology
1529-2916: (2015)

PMID: 26147686

Influence of nutrient-derived metabolites on lymphocyte immunity.

Veldhoen M, Ferreira C

Nature medicine
1546-170X: (2015)

PMID: 26121194

Helsinki alert of biodiversity and health.

von Hertzen L, Beutler B, Bienenstock J

Annals of medicine
1365-2060:1-8 (2015)

PMID: 25904094

Accumulation of an Endogenous Tryptophan-Derived Metabolite in Colorectal and Breast Cancers.

Puccetti P, Fallarino F, Italiano A

PloS one
10 1932-6203:e0122046 (0)

PMID: 25881064

Autophagy Controls Acquisition of Aging Features in Macrophages.

Stranks AJ, Hansen AL, Panse I

Journal of innate immunity
1662-8128: (2015)

PMID: 25764971

Feeding immunity: skepticism, delicacies and delights.

Veldhoen M, Veiga-Fernandes H

Nature immunology
16 1529-2916:215-219 (2015)

PMID: 25689432

CD28 expression is required after T cell priming for helper T cell responses and protective immunity to infection.

Linterman MA,Denton AE,Divekar DP,Zvetkova I,Kane L,Ferreira C,Veldhoen M,Clare S,Dougan G,Espeli M,Smith KG

3 2050-084X: (2014)

PMID: 25347065

Cellular Plasticity of CD4+ T Cells in the Intestine.

V Brucklacher-Waldert, EJ Carr, MA Linterman

Frontiers in immunology
5 1664-3224:488 (2014)

PMID: 25339956