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June 2016
The entire lab @ Retreat in Berlin, Great times!!

Laetitia Chauve goes on the second round of FAMELAB 2016 with her worm puppet friend. 

Welcome Andre Zylstra, a rotation PhD student in the lab, Lei Zhou, ERASMUS plus joining us from Rome and Lucy Field for a short time visit to the lab

Welcome Vanasa Nageswaran, an intern student who join us from Germany for 6 months.

Happy to be invited to join an excellent women in science network 

 Laetitia and Abraham are heading to the C.elegans conference in Los Angeles.  Have fun!

Tim Hunt's comments prompted this gender equality survey

The lab is growing!  new postdocs: Cheryl Li (coming from University of Sidney, Australia)  and Juan Rodriguez (from University of Wisconsin, USA)
 a PhD student, Janna Hastings (from EBI).  Will join the lab this Fall.

Welcome Mariangela Spagnuolo, a visiting ERASMUS student in the lab

We will shortly be advertising postdoctoral vacancies in the lab - more information will be available on the Babraham Institute Vacancies page:

We are pleased to have been awarded a European Research Council grant