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Our Royal Society Partnership Grant project with Colchester County High School for Girls has started:

We visited last week to explain how to set up a C. elegans colony.

c elegans project

We are so proud of these two lab members!


Zucchini story

Punting 2016 D

Punting 2016 B

Punting 2016 C

Punting 2016 E
Punting 2016 A

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Allotment 2

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Awesome Laetitia Chauve's and her worm puppet shortlisted for FAMELAB 2016 second round!

Happy Holidays

Scary bunch! Happy Halloween :)

Laetitia loves worms :)

Laetitia and Abraham enjoying the LA conference

Our summer student Mariangela Spagnuolo in Scottland (May 2015)

Olivia enjoying proper draft beer with the Rugg-Gunn lab in Heidelberg.."Cell heterogeneity meeting" Spring 2015