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Ageing can be good for you (if you’re a yeast)

News   ageing   epigenetics   healthy ageing   press release  

Controlling gene activity in human development

News   development   epigenetics   gene expression   press release   stem cells  

Insights into the development of sperm and egg cell precurso

News   development   epigenetics   press release   reprogramming   stem cells  

Dying tumour cells release intracellular ions in a last-ditc

News   cancer   collaborative research   immunology   lymphocyte signalling   press release  

Partnership between Institute and Dutch school generates bri

News   animal research   people   press release   public engagement  

Brain in a dish to learn more about Alzheimer’s disease

News   alheimer's disease   animal research   brain   press release   signalling  

Pick me! Pick me! How genes are selected to create diverse i

News   gene regulation   immunology   nuclear dynamics   press release  

The importance of resting phases in B cell development

News   immunology   lymphocyte signalling   press release  

Raising a child has a bigger effect on the immune system tha

News   collaborative research   immunology   lymphocyte signalling   parenting   press release  

Novel insights into genetic cause of autoimmune diseases

News   collaborative research   genome   nuclear dynamics   press release   science