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Babraham Schools Day 2012

Secondary Schools

Enriching the curriculum and inspiring students to think about careers in bioscience research

What we do

Our programme for secondary schools is varied and as far as possible links to the themes of the Institute. This allows our researchers can share the latest findings from their own research studies and feed them into relevant presentations, discussions and experiments. Please contact us at to find out more.

How we do it

We aim to promote access to researchers by young people, teachers and education professionals. We take part in careers events, deliver enrichment in science lessons, host visits to our laboratories and promote discussions on issues such as the ethics of the use of animals in science. You can download some of our resources below.

How we benefit

For researchers at all levels, outreach can prove an inspirational learning curve. Developing skills in communication and networking can lead to improved career opportunities. Talking to a range of audiences can open up fresh perspectives on research as well as enhancing the profile of a researcher, their work and their institution.

UTC students


Your Immune Army


Schools' Day

Schools’ Day is an opportunity for ~150 secondary (Yr10/11) and sixth-form students to meet scientists, take part in projects in scientific laboratories and learn more about careers in science. Working alongside our researchers, students get a chance to see what it is like to work in a laboratory and how the work of the Babraham Institute relates to the science they are learning about in school.

Download example project descriptions and contact us for more information.

Ethics Workshops

These events are aimed at young scientists to stimulate discussion around the ethical issues confronting scientists doing biomedical research. We will also give an overview of the range of careers that are available within a research Institute, providing valuable insights into careers such as animal technology, raising students’ aspirations about career paths.

Try the 'Making Medicines' shuffle game on the Understanding Animal Research webpage - one of the resources we use during the Ethics Workshop.

Your Immune Army

Our ‘Immune Army’ website contains  arange of activities, resources and information about your immune system. Meet your immune cells and find out what they do, learn how your immune army gets ready for battle, find out about our latest immunology research, check out our videos and download resources for schools AND see if you can assemble your defences in time in our online ‘Antibody Assembly’ game!

View the Immune Army video on our YouTube channel


Other Activities

We are working with partners including Form the Future and the UTC on events such as:

The UTC Protein Challenge

Careers Events

Science Clubs


We are creating resources to support our recent outreach activities

Molecular Explorers

The Pipetting Challenge

The Peer Review process

Future Activities

We work with our scientists and schools to develop new ideas - we are currently working on these projects:

Animal Technician Careers Roadshow

Please contact us to discuss your ideas.