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Public and Community Groups

As far as possible we encourage members of the public to inform our work and to guide our public outreach activities. For example we invite lay members to sit on advisory panels for specific events such as our Sixth Form conference and our Animal Welfare and Ethics Committee, additionally we consult external experts when planning new events.  If you would like to register your interest please email or use the Contact Us function.

Advisory opportunities include: 

  • Input into our Schools Programme
  • Influencing our public dialogue and policy activities
  • Advisers for specific public engagement events  
  • Suggestions for future events 

With the help of the Public Engagement team, scientists and staff at the Babraham Institute contribute to existing and national public engagement events.  We provide exhibits, talks, posters and workshops through participation at the following major events (note our news and events features will cover the most recent event):

Internal Events

Our Public Engagement team also runs events that are open to the public at various times in the year.  In the past these have included an open day for photographers to capture stunning images of our science & scientists in action, science afternoons for small groups and public debates.  These events help us to not only share the research strategy and impact of the Institute but also discuss public concerns and questions.  Our activities include:
  • Public Debates
  • Open Laboratory days
  • Science afternoons including science talks
  • Community group events (speak to us about your individual requirements)
  • Imaging exhibitions 
Weapons of Microscopic Destruction

Weapons of Microscopic Destruction

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Molecular Explorers

Molecular Explorers

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If you would like to register your interest please email or use the Contact Us function.