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EWI Commendation

Excellence with Impact

Excellence with Impact (EwI) was a BBSRC competition which aimed to recognise institutions that can develop and successfully deliver a vision for maximising impact, alongside a relevant institution-wide culture change.

Thirty participants took part in the competition which ran from 2013-2015 with the Babraham Institute being one of the ten shortlisted finalists and a commendation winner.  The commendation recognised the Institute’s impact in working to achieve openness around the use of animals in research.  
You can read more about the Institute’s vision for the competition below and read about some of the activities we undertook in the case studies listed on the right.

Our Vision for the Competition

We have aimed to build on our excellent track record of translating our research into impacts through Public Engagement, Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation. To highlight some of our impacts on the UK economy and society we have prepared some case studies.

Following feedback from the EwI Team we focussed our aims for the competition:
  • Institute EwI Theme – ‘Immunology and Ageing’ – identifying a theme for activities to help give us a clear focus to maximise the dissemination and impact of our science.
  • Focused collaboration – KEC + PE Teams to integrate more closely with scientists, working towards clear ISP specific goals (these could be scientific, communication, PE or KEC related).
  • Building public engagement – working on projects across the four ISPs, developing online resources and gaining presence at different festivals.
  • Engaging the public in debate and providing different ways to engage with the Institute, through an open afternoon and Christmas event.
  • Inspiring younger generations – sharing our passion and enthusiasm for immunology and ageing research with younger audiences through our established schools workshops, a 6th form conference and looking for new ways to engage.
  • Hosting scientific conferences and meetings – to build upon and foster academic and industrial collaborations.
  • ​Creating a legacy – changing our working practices, by embedding KEC and PE into Institute culture, through recognition and reward of staff and students (e.g. Public Engagement and Knowledge Exchange prizes).

Excellence with Impact Team

Simon Cook

Group Leader and Head of KEC

Anne Corcoran

Group Leader

Katherine Montague

Commercialisation Manager

Linden Fradet

Michael Hinton

Web Manager & Schools Co-ord

Tacita Croucher

Public Engagement and Knowledge Exchange Manager

Peter Rugg-Gunn

Tenure Track Group Leader

Michael Wakelam

Director of Institute

Rachael Walker

Head of Flow Cytometry

Louisa Wood

Communications Manager